I grew up in Hertfordshire and my only ambition was to be an artist. Circumstances dictated otherwise and I became a scientist, working all over the world. Despite this I always made time to paint and gradually the artist in me demanded more time and energy. I eventually settled in North Norfolk and managed to divide my time between my two worlds. Since having a studio built in 2002 I have been selling my paintings through exhibitions and galleries, hosting open studios, carrying out commissions and occasionally demonstrating and teaching. I also paint scenery for pantomimes. I gave up my scientific career in 2018 to focus on my painting.

I love working with paint – it holds so many possibilities in the way it can be manipulated and the effects that can be achieved. I have tried many mediums and like to experiment with different materials. I find inspiration in the natural world but like to explore the hidden dimensions we can’t see with the eye. Sometimes a fully formed image will enter my mind, often in dreams. At other times a glimmer of an idea will evolve on the canvas and may continue evolving throughout a series of paintings.


For several years I concentrated on trying to evoke the feeling of freedom and being drawn towards the light. This period resulted in my Bird-Escape paintings – flocks of birds flying towards a central light source and also a series of Barn Owls, inspired by the barn owl that used to hover outside my window.


When my focus changed and my inner journey took a spiritual route I began creating oil paintings themed around the universe until a painful life experience resulted in artists block. As I still needed to paint but couldn’t touch my oil paints I played with a variety of materials until something made sense to me. This period resulted in a spontaneous technique using free-flowing acrylic paint which gives an embroidered effect on the canvas. They are infused with metallic pigments to respond to changes in the light – so need to be viewed in situ to be fully appreciated. They are presented in a circle to symbolise eternity and the circle of life. Still inspired by the cosmos I use this new technique to create planets and stars. My spiritual journey and increasing understanding of the quantum energy field surrounding and connecting all that exists inspires the images collectively entitled ‘Quantum Entanglement’, perhaps incorporating spirituality with scientific understanding.


During 2021 I began exploring a new technique. This time using acrylic pouring – I love the spontaneity and the large element of chance – or SERENDIPITY! The beauty of the cosmos however, remains a constant inspiration. I also still return to my oil paints whenever I feel the urge.


I am represented by the RED DOT Gallery, Fish Hill, Holt Norfolk.