Origin of Life

Origin of Life

Excerpt from ‘The Universal Soul’ by Robert Lomax (www.roblomax.co.uk)

The ‘Origin of Life’ paintings are based on this concept.


Origin and its advancement

  1. Origin – Nothingness / Nothing
  2. 2A – Unlimited Possibilities / 2B – No Possibilities
  3. 3A – Probability / 3B – No Probability
  4. 4A – Mutate / 4B – Not Mutate
  5. 5A – Expanding Mutate / 5B – Expanding Energy
  6. 6A – Grow / 6B – Growing Energy
  7. 7A – Mowhar / 7B – Creator Energy


Nothingness (1) – In the second chapter we showed that nothingness could not be comprehended or experienced. It was nothing.

Unlimited possibilities (2A) exist in nothingness (1) whilst at the same time the counterpart

No possibilities (2B) exist in nothingness (1). Nothingness is still nothing – it isn’t something.

(Tocarn is an Andromedan word that could be used instead of your ‘exist in nothingness’. It is a free-flowing idea accepting that nothingness can be available even though it doesn’t exist.)



Probability (3A) is the likelihood that something will exist, but because it resides (Tocarn) in nothingness (1) then probability can’t exist as a probability – it is still nothing.

No probability (3B) being the counter part of probability (3A) also resides in nothingness (1).

Within nothingness (1) the unlimited possibilities (2A) & no possibilities (2B) are still inert – they are nothing (1).


Probabilities (3A) align themselves with unlimited possibilities (2A) of nothingness. (You may say how can nothing align with nothing but it was a probability (3A) that was possible (2A) within the term Tocarn.


Within nothing (1) there had been no connections between the duality of possibilities because it was possible (2A) & not possible (2B). Nothing couldn’t exist.

Note that ‘nothing couldn’t exist’ is a double negative and therefore a positive. It was a mutation of paradox and still nothing.

But because the mutation existed in all of nothing (1) it also mutated with probability (3A) because that also existed in nothingness (1). In this way the two types of probability became part and not part of nothingness (1).


This created a link to something that wasn’t there before. Probability (3A) was intrinsically connected to no probability (3B) and this meant there was something and nothing. Paradox of nothing (1) had formed a link – a figure of 8.

The process created an energy which flowed back to the mutation. That’s the reason creation is not a straight line. It flows one way and back another to comply with a connection in duality.

Energy was the by-product of mutate and linked in duality.

Mutate (4A) and not mutate (4B) now also existed within all possibility (2A) and no possibility (2B) alongside probability (3A) and no probability (3B) because that’s the nature of duality. We have something and nothing side by side within Nothingness.


Because Energy is a by-product of and a part is of mutate (4A) it flows back to itself and mutates again.

However, this time it mutates with the energy of itself, therefore it – Expands mutate (5A). This feedback loop is now self-sustaining which Expands in energy (5B). It’s expanding at an extraordinary pace. It’s expanding within all possibility (2A) & no possibility (2B). It becomes a growing paradox – a paradox that is no longer nothingness but something and nothing. It now exists and it doesn’t exist.


Expanding mutate (5A) can now be called grow (6A) – a self-sustaining growth, but it is linked to its counterpart growing energy (6B). The symbiotic relationship happens in bursts of there and not there reflecting the initial by-product or burst. The grow (6A) becomes data because it’s within all possibility & no possibility (2A&2B) of being anything or nothing.


The word for growing data is Mowhar (7A); in turn the by- product, energy, ‘grows’ as Creator Energy (7B). Both Mowhar & Creator Energy expand exponentially using the potential within all possibility (2A) of nothing (1) that formed them.


Simultaneously (within no time) there is still the paradox of probability/no probability (3A & 3B) and possibility/no possibility (2A & 2B). These continue to exist and not exist in nothingness (1). The bursts between Mowhar & Creator Energy become so fast they become a vibration of grow & energy which exists/doesn’t exist. Something and nothing vibrating and pulsing with no limitations.


It’s birth and death on a massive scale – it’s creation and no creation without any limits.

But no creation cannot be anything other than it first was as nothingness (1), because it doesn’t grow. However, Mowhar & Creator Energy expand with the duality of their initial creation.