The mind is not who we are.

The physical body is not who we are.

These are simply the instruments we manifest to allow us to navigate life in this paradigm

The spiritual being transcends gender, ethnicity, sexuality and all other physical qualities.

Our spiritual selves are outside of the realms of known science – however quantum physics is now capable of explaining many spiritual concepts.

The spiritual being was there before he/she had a mind.

The mind is created by the being as he/she grows and interacts with the world. The mind can – and often does – take over and close the being off from the spiritual. It can keep us from being our true selves and reaching our potential.

When the spiritual consciousness is closed off we may not grow up internally or take full responsibility for ourselves. We can lose touch with who we really are. We have no real wisdom as all our knowledge and understanding comes from what already exists in the world, what we see, hear, read and listen to. It is the spiritual beings that are open to their eternal consciousness that bring new knowledge, realisations and concepts into the world.